Production Ready GraphQL: The Book

GraphQL being quite a recent approach to building APIs, I always found there was a lack of resources on how to build reliable GraphQL APIs. Over the last few years, I had the chance to work on two of the biggest public GraphQL APIs out there at Shopify and GitHub. I've also helped many different companies with their adoption of GraphQL. I’ve observed the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Production Ready GraphQL is a collection of learnings on what I have seen work well, but also things to avoid when it comes to building great GraphQL server platforms.

With Great Power comes Great Responsibility

GraphQL brings great power to API clients, that's why they love it. The catch is that the reason why it brings this power is because some of the complexity is delegated to the server. Build your GraphQL API the wrong way and the benefits clients see quickly go away.

Language Agnostic

The book is language agnostic and heavily uses the GraphQL SDL to provide examples. No matter what language you use, you will learn the principles behind building scalable GraphQL platforms.

Years of Battle-Tested Practices

Since GraphQL's inception, I've been helping building GraphQL APIs that enable hundreds of developers to build efficient GraphQL features and help support hundreds of thousands of clients. Building APIs at this scale need more than just hype, that's why the book focuses on pragmatic no-nonesense advice to help you successfuly build a great GraphQL platform.

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